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Wir sind Europas größtes Musikinstitut für moderne Musik mit direktem Draht zur lokalen und internationalen Musikszene, Dozenten aus der Praxis und exklusiven Masterclasses.

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BA (Hons) Music Production

How music is recorded, mixed and mastered is as integral to the creative process as composition and performance.


Our BA (Hons) Music Production course gives you the chance to create music and sound in a variety of contexts. As well as addressing the ‘how?’ of music and sound production, the course also tackles the ‘why?’; providing students with a deeper understanding of philosophies, workflows and future-proof technical approaches to music and sound production. Fundamentally, this course allows you to pursue a fulfilling career in a range of music and creative industries roles.


The course will provide you with everything you need to bring your technical knowledge and creativity to real-word, live and studio settings. You’ll know the fundamentals required to collaborate with others, work with artists, and record other musicians’ sounds. However, you’ll also learn all you need to create your own electronic music and develop your skills as a potential future artist, remixer, programmer or game audio designer.


During the course, you’ll undertake hands-on learning in our high-tech facilities, and have direct access to cutting-edge equipment and software. You will also understand the technical requirements of a professional creative brief and know the effective approaches to answer it, implementing production concepts that you’ve learned and incorporating appropriate terminology. Our world-class industry lecturers – who know the ins and outs of the creative process – will be with you every step of the way, offering direction and support.


A lecturer teaches music production in our state-of-the-art studio

Through the core modules, you’ll focus on primary areas such Approaches to Production and Workflows, Production in Context, Studio Practice & Engineering, and Answering a Creative Media Brief. Alongside developing your technical knowledge, you’ll broaden your general knowledge of the industry, helping you to identify your place within it.


You will also have the opportunity to choose modules, such as Game Sound & Music, Electroacoustic Composition, and Vocal Capture and Production. These optional modules will help you to focus your studies and create the career route that’s right for you. The options you choose can help you forge a successful career in a range of music-based industries, such as game audio industries, electronic music, the recording industry, the live music industry, the film and TV industry, the audio post-production industry and education industry.


Ultimately, you’ll build the necessary skills and understanding you need to become a successful, collaborative music producer, with a sustainable career in the music industry.

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