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Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

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Zwolle, Niederlande

Das bieten wir

  • International Business (Finance, HRM, Logistics, E-commerce)
  • Global Project and Change Management (sustainable business)
  • 1. Personal approach, small classes (15-20 students)
  • 2. Practice oriented (many projects and internships, study abroad)
  • 3. Strong focus on development of personal skills
Darum bei uns

Windesheim is the no. 2 University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, for already many years in a row. This ranking is based on opinions of both experts and students.

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Windesheim: high quality education

Windesheim is in the top three of broad-based Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands; we are highly ranked by both students and experts. Students appreciate our personal approach, allowing them to work in small groups and making each talent count. At Windesheim you are not just a number with classes of 15-20 students. Our lecturers are coaches as well and they challenge students to reflect and think critically and get the best out of themselves.


Windesheim is also renowned for its innovative, entrepreneurial and practical approach. We have close ties with the business community and public institutes. All students do internships and collaborate with companies and institutes on projects during their study programme.


Our programmes for international students focus on business.

• ‘International Business’ is for students with a broad interest in business topics. You will learn about HRM, logistics, finance and e-commerce. You will also learn practical 21st century skill, necessary to perform well in tomorrows businesses. You will have many options to specialize and your personal development is primary focus.

• ‘Global Project and Change Management’ (sustainable business and innovation) is an honours programme for students who want to change the world in a positive way, and in a business-like way. Topics are climate change, global health, pollution, human rights, poverty eradication and social entrepreneurship. The programme is built around the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, but you will also learn about project management, marketing and finance.



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