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Hamburg, Berlin

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Wir sind Europas größtes und führendes College für moderne Musik mit direktem Draht zur lokalen und internationalen Musikszene, Tutoren aus der Praxis und exklusiven Masterclasses.

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Vocals BA (Hons)

The Vocals programme combines instrumental study with the opportunity to develop collaborative and entrepreneurial skills while performing a wide range of original and adapted music.


At BIMM Hamburg, we understand that live performance is the key to you becoming a great vocalist, so you’ll spend a lot of time on stage to help you develop and find your niche as a performer. You’ll participate in weekly Live Performance Workshops (LPWs) in all three years, performing with your fellow students while receiving expert guidance from highly skilled BIMM tutors.


You’ll explore and develop your potential career pathways through research and professional projects, learning the essential skills required to work successfully in the music industry.


Through a range of optional modules, including Showcase, Music for the Moving Image, Creative Technology Applications and Music Pedagogy in Practice, you can tailor the degree to fit your own personal goals.


Above all, BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship offers an opportunity for you to explore your creative side as a musician, encouraging you to experiment with your style, try new things and push yourself to become the most unique and original individual artist you can be. As a graduate you’ll be ready to pursue a range of different career options, including artist, band leader, band member and arranger/composer.


So to make your way as a vocalist, connect with us, and we’ll connect you to a life in music.


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