Bachelor Songwriting BA (hons)

  • Musik (Komposition, Songwriting)

British & Irish Modern Music Institute

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Wir sind Europas größtes und führendes College für moderne Musik mit direktem Draht zur lokalen und internationalen Musikszene, Tutoren aus der Praxis und exklusiven Masterclasses.

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6 Semester
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Songwriting BA (hons)

At BIMM Hamburg, we have a strong focus on writing technique, analysis and personal stylistic development, and you’ll be encouraged from day one to explore your creativity as an artist in a range of disciplines, from solo and group performance to commercial songwriting and music production for film, television and online channels.


One of the major benefits of this course is that you get to choose where you complete your second year of study. Wherever you decide on BIMM Hamburg or BIMM London, you’ll be sure to gain extensive songwriting inspiration from your incredible surroundings.


The degree is both academically and musically challenging, providing the perfect balance between practical and technical skills, and theory and analysis. To succeed as a great songwriter, a detailed understanding of the music business is essential. We’ll share our knowledge of music publishing, contracts and recording technology, and will deliver our teaching in line with the latest trends and directions in the evolving music industry. You’ll be part of a creative community of gifted writers, performers and music industry professionals who you can collaborate and network with to help bring your talent to life.


Through a range of optional modules, including Writing for Commission, Music for the Moving Image, Song Production and Writing for Stage, you can tailor the degree to fit your own personal goals. You’ll get to attend unique and inspiring Masterclasses by some of the best musicians in the world which will stretch you as a songwriter. Your course will culminate in a Song Project designed to give you the opportunity to develop a live industry project of your choice, and to give you a head start into the workplace when you graduate.


So to make your way as a songwriter, connect with us, and we’ll connect you to a life in music.

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