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The Master in Engineering Systems offers four tracks: Automotive Systems, Control Systems Engineering, Embedded Systems and Sustainable Energy.

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3 Semester
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15 August 2018
2,060 euro per year
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Automotive Systems

Although mobility is crucial to the global economy, it has also contributed to rising CO2 emissions. We need creative solutions that combine mobility requirements with sustainable, social and technical developments. Finding these solutions requires highly-trained and innovative professionals.


Study Automotive Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences and become an authority on cleaner, safer and smarter vehicles.

Control Systems Engineering

The Masters track in Control Systems Engineering takes your engineering skills to the next level. It gives you a thorough understanding of the advanced regulating systems used in today’s industry as well as cutting-edge techniques that are directly applicable in an industrial environment. The practical approach of this course is underpinned by the solid expertise of teaching staff and researchers.

Embedded Systems

The Masters track in Embedded Systems teaches you how to design and implement smart distributed systems that are low cost, energy efficient and can solve tasks cooperatively. You will learn to design and implement architectures for distributed embedded systems, innovation services and advanced algorithms to solve complex tasks. You also learn to model and validate complex non-linear systems with multiple inputs and outputs using UML and/or SysML, black box modelling and system identification. And you learn how to create a digital feedback controller for a linear physical system and apply control strategies.

Sustainable Energy

This Masters track deals with sustainable and renewable energy systems and how to apply these successfully to fulfil our future energy requirements. The programme has an applied technical approach, using engineering to deal with energy challenges. You explore how energy systems can work more efficiently. The focus here is on optimising energy systems across multiple pathways and scales, to increase the reliability, reduce the cost and minimise the environmental impacts of our energy systems.

Lean Engineering

The Masters track in Lean Engineering builds on your engineering

skills and, at the same time, gives you the tools to improve design and development processes in manufacturing. With this unique skillset, you can make the link between the latest technological developments and a company’s business processes. Expertise that is greatly needed in our rapidly changing world!

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