Bachelor/Bakkalaureus Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BSc)

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Studying at Utrecht University means studying at one of the world's best universities. The Shanghai Ranking ranks Utrecht University as 1st in the Netherlands, 47th in the world.

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What is PPE?

Why are populist political parties becoming increasingly popular? Is this a bad development? Do we have an obligation to save the natural environment for future generations? How has migration developed, and how has it contributed to shaping health care and education policy over time? What would the economic effects be if we gave all citizens a national basic income?


Though it is possible to answer complex questions like these, it is definitely not easy. To help solve our world’s biggest challenges, we need experts who are able to look at societal issues from various perspectives. Our new Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) meets this need. The programme provides high-level, intensive training for students who are eager to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

PPE plus history, in Utrecht

The PPE programme at Utrecht University considers political and economic issues from four different perspectives: philosophy, politics, economics and history. The addition of a historical dimension to PPE is something you will only find in Utrecht, where we are convinced that understanding the past will help us make better choices for the future. As well as gaining thorough knowledge of each of these four fields, you will also be trained to combine them to address the world’s most challenging problems. At Utrecht University, we believe that this is the best approach to designing complete and effective solutions.

Is PPE for you?

Do you have a strong interest in societal challenges? Are you convinced they can only be solved by combining knowledge and insights from multiple disciplines? Are you eager to put this into action, to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to be part of a dynamic international community? Then PPE at Utrecht University is for you!

For independent minds

As a PPE graduate, you will be able to critically analyse the toughest global problems through various lenses. Not only will we teach you how to approach complex challenges, we will also give you the tools to communicate your own point of view and take responsibility for your own personal and intellectual development. As a critical and independent thinker, you will be able to take on analytical and leadership positions in both the private sector (e.g. multinationals) and public sector (e.g. in government). Alternatively, you can go on to do a Master’s degree, a PhD and, eventually, an academic career.

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