IBS – International Business School

International Business School is a vibrant, modern business school in the middle of Europe with students from all over the world. IBS offers a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programmes in cooperation with The University of Buckingham, all leading to prestigious British degrees.
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    Marketing Management

    Be an expert

    ...in consumer behaviour, marketing research and communication! The programme develops knowledge and skills in business and marketing and directs students towards the commercial environment. The programme also seeks ... mehr

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    Human Resource Management

    Lead and manage people

    ... with the help of modern appraisal systems! The programme offers an opportunity for in-depth study of organisations and the management of work. Graduates are equipped to pursue a wide variety of career options in ... mehr

  • Financial Management IBS
    Financial Management – International Business School

    Raise your knowledge in finance

    ...and develop your critical thinking skills! The programme is suitable for those intending to develop their careers in finance, broadly defined as corporate finance, security analysis, portfolio management, the func... mehr