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The career choice portal Einstieg Online provides graduate high school and university students with more than 2,000 daily updated articles. Here they find advice on all topics that come up after graduation: stays abroad, courses of study, vocational training, internships, application, job descriptions, career start and many more.

Media kit 2016

Einstieg.com: Basic data and advertisement

  • Germany´s largest career choice portal since 12 years
  • More than 300.000 visits per month
  • Google Page-Rank: 7
  • Your portrait at "zukunftsnavi" - the search engine on Einstieg.com
  • Banners (7 various formats)
  • Newsletter advertisements for high school and university students
  • Advertorials in high-quality editorial environment
  • Videos about your company/academic institution
  • Surveys
  • Announcement of your information days, trial study days, work shops and office hours on our timetable for free - <link 159 _top - "Termin eintragen">register now your dates</link>

Active Sourcing

Active sourcing allows you at an early stage to address exactly those students which meet your requirement profile by 100% using the talent pools by our partner blicksta. We are able to identify your target group, whom you can direct your degree program- and career offers to.

Draw the attention of potential candidates via direct mailing and introduce your offers. You are able to filter the recipients by region, age, type of school the student is about to graduate from, as well as by the strengths of the individual student identified by the RIASEC-model.

Media Data

You can find current information und prices concerning our online products in the media data.