Job fairs in germany Düsseldorf Düsseldorf 29 + 30 April 2016 Messe Düsseldorf, Hall 15 Expected visitors: 15.000 Registration deadline: 02/19/2016
Munich Munich 18 + 19 November 2016 M,O,C, Registration deadline:09/02/2016 expected visitors: 18.000
Berlin Berlin 11 + 12 November 2016 Messe Berlin Registration deadline:08/26/2016 expected visitors: 18.000
Dortmund Dortmund 09 + 10 September 2016 Dortmunder Westfalenhalle Registration deadline: 07/01/2016 expected visitors: 12.000
Frankfurt Frankfurt 21 + 22 April 2017 Messe Frankfurt, Hall 1.2 Registration deadline: 02/03/2017 expected Visitors: 7.000
Karlsruhe Karlsruhe 07 + 08 October 2016 Gartenhalle registration deadline: 07/29/2016 expected visitors: 11.000
Cologne Cologne 10 + 11 February 2017 Messe Köln Registration deadline:11/18/2016 expected visitors: 25.000 Cologne 04 + 05 November 2016 Koelnmesse, Hall 11.3 Expected visitors: 15.000 Registration deadline: 09/02/2016
Hamburg Hamburg 17 + 18 February 2017 Messe Hamburg Registration deadline: 11/11/2016 expected visitors: 36.000
Hannover Hannover 03 + 04 June 2016 Messe Hannover, Hall 19 (Entrance "Nord 1") Registration deadline: 03/18/2016 expected Visitors: 8.000

The Einstieg recruitment events are Germanys largest and most-visited career choice and job fairs for future A-level graduates, committed GDCE graduates, college dropouts, teachers and parents. Move your mouse over the map to get additional information or click on the following links:
Fair concepts

Einstieg Student and Job Fairs in Germany

The Einstieg career choice and job fairs are with up to 131,000 visitors and 1,650 exhibitors per year the biggest and most successful recruiting events for young people in Germany. Are you searching for potential students? At our career fairs you have the chance to get in personal contact with future A-level graduates, committed GCSE graduates, but also with college dropouts, teachers and parents. Career advisors at schools all over Germany recommend visiting our student fairs and regularly implement excursions to the fairs in their career choice programs. As an exhibitor you can present your training and study options, show perspectives, explain requirement profiles and convince our young visitors of the chances that you have on offer. The central topics of the Einstieg job fairs are career orientation, study programs, vocational training, studying abroad, work & travel as well as career start.

Berufe live Fairs in Cologne and Düsseldorf

The Berufe live fairs are vocational training, career and university education fairs specifically catering to all types of schools educating adolescents in the area of Rhineland and its neighbouring regions. Our Berufe live fairs create opportunities for companies as well as universities to get to know adolescents personally twice a year. Cologne and Düsseldorf are perfect fair locations geographically attracting a huge amount of potential visitors and are offering a multitude of opportunities for vocational training and degree programs. The recruiting fairs take place during two days (Friday and Saturday) and provide information on educational possibilities and degree programs. Career mentoring is available for both pupils still in need of occupational orientation and for those already equipped with concrete ideas. Admission is free.

Fairdates 2016



Registration deadline

26 + 27 Feb 2016

Einstieg Hamburg

20 Nov 2015

04 + 05 Mar 2016

Einstieg Cologne

27 Nov 2015

22 + 23 Apr 2016

Einstieg Frankfurt

12 Feb 2016

29 + 30 Apr 2016

Berufe live Düsseldorf

19 Feb 2016

03 + 04 Jun 2016

NEW! Einstieg Hannover

18 Mar 2016

09 + 10 Sep 2016

Einstieg Dortmund

01 Jul 2016

07 + 08 Oct 2016

Einstieg Karlsruhe

29 Jul 2016

04 + 05 Nov 2016

Berufe live Cologne

02 Sept 2016

11 + 12 Nov 2016

Einstieg Berlin

26 Aug 2016

18 + 19 Nov 2016

Einstieg Munich

02 Sep 2016

You Need Help Organizing Your Stay in Germany?

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dortmund, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt/Main, Hannover - whenever exhibitors need help organizing their stay in one of our fair locations, they will find profound advice in their service folder. We always arrange an allotment for exhibitors in hotels close to the fair grounds to fixed conditions. And if you still have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask!